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The Pure Greek Olive is dedicated to providing you with "The Ultimate Virgin of Oils" that is neither mixed nor adulterated with any other oils employing artisan methods of harvesting by hand to ensure the finest quality and from Greek soil, a land known for its olive oil cultivation since antiquity.

Our Business

Olives in olive oil "Extra virgin" is the top grade of olive oil according to standards established by the International Olive Council (IOC) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Fraud through the adulteration of extra virgin olive oil with cheaper refined olive oil has not just become more common but chemical detection of this practice has become very difficult. 

The Pure Greek Olive guarantees their oil is unadulterated and thereby not mixed with other cheaper refined olive oil; olive oil in its purest form The Pure Greek Olive was established to offer the world an olive oil representing the "Ultimate Virgin of Oils" made 100% in Greece.

Advisory Board
William P. Galatis, Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
Bill Galatis has over 35 years of business and philanthropic experience as an entrepreneur. He currently owns and operates Lyndell's Bakery, a 124 year old retail bakery. Read more...

Joan Dauria, Executive Strategist
Joan Dauria has over twenty years of human resources management and coaching experience. As the founder of of an executive coaching firm, her business leads organizations through fast, dynamic growth and transformation. Read more...

US Office and Distribution Facilities
The Pure Greek Olive, Inc.
34 Mohawk Road
Canton, MA  02021

US and EU Office Contact
Stella J. Karavas, President USA 
email: skaravas@thepuregreekolive.com

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